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Vision Ready

Most of the old Mangyan Folks don't know how to read and write. Dr. Annabelle Critica uses a thread and needle to test their eyesight.

"Vision Ready" is our Optical Program to help those who have difficulty in reading. We were able to provide 320 reading glasses throughout the seven days of mission.


One of the tools for evangelism is the use of "Reading Chart". The patient will be reading different bible verses that leads to sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


This Khmer guy just accepted the Lord Jesus Christ thru the free reading glasses. Praise the Lord! Most of the people have not heard about the gospel in their entire life. What an opportunity! A total of 200 gospel tracts has been distributed during our 3 day mission. Thank you Vermi Nery and Ben Sadang for helping in assessing the optical needs of the urban Khmer.

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