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EGYPT 2022

Our Mission trip to Egypt was full of excitement and success. Not only did we see the work of the Lord among fellow believers in Christ but also among non-believers.

Our visits to several churches in Cairo and El Minya gave us great encouragement.

One of the churches we visited, the Mokattam Evangelical Church pastored by Rev. Nady Labeb Zarif, began in a small basement, only to eventually establish their own 4-story building—along with a cafe on the rooftop. Glory to God! Alleluia!


Traveling to and around El Minya isn’t the easiest task for foreigners. During our travels around the city, we had to be escorted by police officials for our own safety.


In El Minya, we attended service at the Soul Salvation Society, an organization where individuals from all religions are free to join to worship and proclaim the word of God. This is a great place to reach out to non-believers in a warm and welcoming environment.


In the outskirts of El Minya, we stayed at the Itsa Center. The place serves as a retreat for churches and conferences. The facility is operated and managed by Christian Evangelical leaders whose mission is to minister to the sick.

Members of the families that are sick are also supported at the Itsa center. Sometimes, families that seek support at the center are non-believers. By God’s grace, the Itsa center provides not only help but also spiritual guidance and enrichment for those in need.


A prayer service was held for the sick and their families. Anyone who wished to be prayed for came forward and was prayed for by leaders and the pastor. We also sang praises to testify our victory in spite of the circumstances. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Tim Kroll, from Woodrow Kroll Ministries, introduced a new training program for pastors who are uneducated and have never been to a seminary. This was a great opportunity to influence the unreached people group.

Rachel Montejo gave a message of encouragement titled, “You are a Child of God” to the Egyptian pastor’s wives and Sudanese women.


This boat is one of a kind! Docked right in the Nile River, it served as a fantastic venue for the youth gathering we hosted. Youths from different churches, both Christian and non-believers, around El Minya were present to fellowship and learn from us. It was a special day for Pastor Kroll and Pastor Ashraf Ibrahim to preach God’s message.

Eunice Redfield also trained the youth on how to share the Gospel by using personal testimonies.

Fady Ibrahim from YWAM served as our translator.


The following day, we had our “balloon team” give out smiles and balloons to the children. Thank you for making the children special!


Egypt is home to almost two to five million Sudanese refugees, many of whom congregate in Cairo. These include 52,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers.

Facing a life full of uncertainty, their hope and future can only be found in God.


Our partnership with Dress A Girl was a great blessing.

Barbara Taylor (center), Area Ambassador for Dress A Girl, donated over 120 dresses. Every girl deserves at least to have one new dress. Thank you!

The one-of-a-kind dresses are for making them special. In the same way, we’re God’s unique creations.


Vision Ready


Save the Molars


We are eternally grateful for your generous support. Without you, this mission trip wouldn’t have been possible. The experience was an eye-opener for those involved in the mission.

Egypt is an open window to the Middle East and is full of opportunities to minister to non-believers. God is doing great things in this part of the world.

The Egyptians are more open to receiving the gospel than ever before.

Let’s continue to pray for the Egyptian pastors as they continue the work God has laid to them.

Special thanks to:

Carina Lara

Danielle Robertson

Eunice and Rick Redfield

Fady Ibrahim

Hesham Sayd

Rachel and Lian Montejo

Youstina Farragallah


Pastor Timothy Kroll

Pastor Ashraf Ibrahim and his family

And everyone else who supported us along the way!

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