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Save The Molars

There's a massive deterioration of the molar teeth in children ages 8 yrs. old and above. Badly decayed first molars end up being extracted as early as 8-10 yrs. old. This is a great concern for the oral health condition in countries of the Southeast Asia region. Cambodia, Sabah, Malaysia and the Philippines are experiencing oral health neglect where children are losing their molar teeth at an early age. Poverty, lack of education, diet and poor oral hygiene are some of the culprits. Something has to be done. We initiated, "Save the Molars" as our pilot program to help the parents and children know the importance of taking good care of their teeth by promoting good oral hygiene. Oral prophylaxis were done to all patients and instructed them on how to brush and floss their teeth properly. Sealants were also applied on molars that are caries free.


Dental Operatory Table
Dr. Augustus Dumaligan and Dr. Rachel Montejo

Dr. Norma Sadang and Dr. Brenda Cubillas, started polishing our little patient to prepare for Dental Sealants. Our pilot project to save the first Molars of children ages 6 to 12 years old. While Dr. Augustus Dumaligan and Dr. Rachel Montejo helped in assessing the needs of the adult patients.

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